Below are package prices for most 2-day, continental USA races on my shoot calendar in the 2020 season. Race events that last more than 2 days, or require extended travel will carry an extra cost. I will be working on some specialty packages for the 2020 season, including drone photography (assuming I can find the time to learn to fly the drone I gifted to myself for Christmas). Also, if racers would like to work together for any of the races on my shoot schedule, and combine resources to hire me, instead of purchasing packages, I will be happy to work with you - this option can drastically cut prices, depending on how many racers split the cost. Contact me directly at or on social media to discuss my rates.

Prepaid Standard Sponsorship


Photos of a single competitor from an event (typically 10--25 depending on number of motos and shooting conditions). Personal use license. Professionally-processed, high resolution, un-watermarked digital files. Typically available within 7-10 days.

Corporate Prepaid Sponsorship


Same as Prepaid Standard Sponsorship, but also includes commercial use licenses for up to 4 of the photos (client's choice).

Social Media Special


Web-resolution digital files. Single racer. 2-4 images available before the start of the second day of racing, another 2-4 available the morning following event. Remaining 6-10 ready in 7-10 days, and will include a custom-designed web graphic image.

Trading Cards

Design fee $50/$75

2.5" x 3.5" trading cards. Design fee $50 for single sided/$75 for double sided. Printing and shipping costs passed on, no markup. Other custom print products available (calendars, posters, etc)


What is the deadline for Pre-paid packages?

Prepaid packages must be purchased no later than the Thursday preceding the event. Contact me directly at or on Facebook to arrange for purchase, or use the contact form below. There is a 15% increase in price for packages purchased after the Thursday deadline.

Are there discounts available?

Waters Edge Photography offers family discounts, team discounts and full-season discounts. Contact me directly for more information.

Do you sell prints?

Waters Edge Photography does not make prints, but professionally printed images, including posters, canvases, metal prints and more, are available through my professional photo lab directly from my website. Waters Edge will also work with you to order prints, art prints, and other printed materials from a print house or service of your choice.

What's new in 2020?

In addition to the social media special package, Waters Edge Photography will be working to include drone photography - still and video - in the packages offered.

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