My Passion is Capturing Your Passion

Taking pictures, even “good” pictures – the physical act of pointing a camera in the right direction, turning the right dials, and pushing the right buttons – is not rocket science. Complex, yes, but mastering the mechanics is far from inconceivable (sorry, Inigo!)

Photography – however – has little to do with a camera, and everything to do with purpose, passion and people. I strive, in every photo, to not just master the technical aspects of my craft, but to capture the heart of what I’m shooting, whether that is the pride of challenge met, the joy of a race won, the anguish of a missed chance, the awe of a mother for her child, the promise of a ring, the grace and warmth of a beautiful home, or the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature.

* * * *

Professionally, I am a photographer with 35 years experience in photojournalism, action and sports photography, commercial and corporate imagery, portraiture and fine arts photography. I have taught photography and Photoshop classes at the college level, and served as staff photographer for the Pro Watercross Race Tour for several years before shifting focus and working directly with racers and industry magazines such as Pro Rider and The Watercraft Journal. In addition, I am a print media reporter with nearly two decades of experience covering local news and serving as managing editor. I have recently launched my own local news outlet in Northeast Georgia, ConnectLocal.News. I am also an independent contractor offering remote design services and laying out newspapers from across the country each week. In short, I am a photographer by nature, a journalist by choice, a graphic designer and art director by profession, and a wanna-be novelist.

On the less professional side, I am an inveterate Gypsy, a life-long biker, an awesome dashboard drummer, and the proud mother of a 50-lb, four-legged ball of energy named Hydro. I’m happiest when I’m on the road, and my greatest pleasure is living on the edge, whether that is leaning against the speaker at the edge of the stage, shooting the magicians who bring music to life, or at the edge of the racecourse, hip-deep in the water, watching the fire in the eyes of the racer barreling toward me, leaning into that sweep as he rounds the final buoy. I feed off the energy of those I capture ... I suppose it's a bit of psychic vampirism, but I do my best to return the favor with the memories that I capture. 

I have been extremely fortunate, in the past several years, in that my contract design work allows me to work remotely, and while it is a demanding and sometimes stressful business to run, there are often times where my “office” is a campsite in a remote and beautiful redwood forest, or a chair on a sandy beach, or at a picnic table at the base of a stunning waterfall. Of course, there are also times where my office is the back of the minivan at midnight parked on the side of the road when a client’s “deadline emergency” involves a complete change of the front page layout, and the pages hit the press in 20 minutes.!

Coming up next!

In mid 2020, I will be launching Showcase Services, a new division of Waters Edge Photography. Showcase Services will offer real estate photography and staging, including drone photography and aerial tours.

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